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Vid alla tävlingar hos NordicGolf ska varje spelare lämna in ett underskrivet scorekort av såväl spelare som markör. Om man låter caddien föra scoren ska man kontrollera att det blir rätt på varje hål. Spelaren är ALLTID ansvarig för vad caddien gör!

Priser:  Vid de dagliga golfturerna har vi valfritt deltagande i betten. Antalet priser fördelas enligt följande: 1-3 spelare inga bet. 4-9 ett pris + korthålen . 10-19 två priser + korthålen . 20-25 tre priser + korthålen. Vid udda summor går favören till resultatet av scoren. Korthålen har en maxprissumma på 500 baht. Om något korthål inte går ut fördelas det på 3 korthål istället osv. Vid 2 priser fördelas det 70%-30%, vid 3 priser blir är fördelningen 50%-30%-20%. Blir vi fler än 26 som bettar är det annat som gäller…då bestämmer arrangören fördelningen av betten.

Ibland byter vi tävlingsform på dom dagliga turerna, detta kommer att framgå på bokningssidan…står det inget är det alltid totalscoren och korthål som gäller.


Nedan följer regler på vad som gäller vid spel med NordicGolfPattaya!


Vid större tävlingar kan vi sätta egna regler som t.ex att tillåta användning av dropprutor,

andra regeländringar kan också förekomma!


Local Golf Rules

Revised 20th Sep 2014

1. THE RULES OF GOLF apply at all times, supplemented by the following PSC LOCAL rules.

2. LOCAL COURSE RULES: as laid down by the golf course and posted in the clubhouse or on the scorecard; however NO DROP ZONES WILL BE USED; EXCEPT the following holes:-  1st at Green Valley, A1 at Laem Chabang, 14th at Pleasant Valley [environmental protection area].

3. RED ANTS: Relief maybe taken from red ants if they attack ONLY whilst taking your stance; relief maybe be taken at the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole plus one club length.

4. Relief MUST be taken from STAKED TREES without penalty & young trees (NOT BUSHES) less than 2 metres in height, at the nearest point of relief plus one club length no nearer the hole.

5. CALL HOLES: there shall be no calling up of players or groups during a PSC tournament except at such a time when players or members not participating request this courtesy.

6. SLOW PLAY: If a group loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, they must allow the following group to play through.

7. PLUGGED BALL: You may lift, clean and DROP, through the green.

8. When buggies are not allowed on fairways & wet conditions prevail. A player may lift, clean and place his ball ONLY on the FAIRWAYS & FIRST CUT MOWN GRASS.

9. The tournament organiser has the right to impose additional rules on the day, such as winter rules, should the golf course conditions dictate this.

10. FLOWER BEDS: The local rules of the course you are playing APPLY.

11. WASH OUT AREAS & damage caused by excessive drainage of water are to be treated as ground under repair (GUR). The ball maybe dropped without penalty at the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole plus one club length. If applicable in a BUNKER, the ball must be dropped in the same bunker.

12. ABNORMAL GROUND CONDITIONS: It is impracticable for all areas of GUR to be properly marked, if therefore the ground conditions appear to be GUR, then it is GUR.

13. HAZARDS: Unmarked or insufficiently marked hazards shall have the outer edge of the hazard defined at the point where the ground breaks down to form the depression. If the hazard is completely unmarked, it should be treated as a Lateral Water Hazard. NOTE: Laem Chabang: The extremities of the course, unless otherwise marked as OB (Out of Bounds) and ALL internal fairway extremities are to be treated as a Lateral Water Hazard.

14. STONES in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24.1 applies)

15. YARDAGE MARKERS – All MAN MADE yardage markers are to be treated as immovable obstructions and relief maybe taken without penalty (Rule 24-2 applies) the nearest point of relief plus one club length.

16. MEASURING DEVICES: In all tournaments a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only, PROVIDED that it doesn’t unnecessarily disrupt the pace of play.  A device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (eg. gradient, wind speed, temp.etc.) is in breach of rule 14.3; the penalty for which is disqualification, regardless of whether such functions are actually used.

17. A player may take relief (nearest point of relief plus one club length no nearer the hole), when a ball lies in a CONCRETE DITCH not marked as a hazard or lateral water hazard.

18. SCORECARDS – In a tournament, ALL PLAYERS must exchange cards. The player’s name should be the top line and the bottom line the marker’s, using one box for the gross score and the box immediately below for the stableford points for each hole; CARDS also must be properly completed with NAME, SURNAME & PSC No., together with the date and tee played and clearly SIGNED by the player and the marker. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Caddies MAY NOT mark a card. Members of the same family MAY NOT mark each other’s card and friends should AVOID repeatedly marking EACH OTHER’S card.